An excellent solution for investors ready to join forces and combine capital, creating a special-purpose entity.

Guided by our principles, we make sure that this model absorbs as little time and attention of customers as possible – thus, we offer a package of individual solutions as well as comprehensive legal services, including such documents as company articles of association. We also support investors in obtaining additional capital, if necessary. The profitability of this type of investment is 7-8.5 percent in the case of detached buildings and retail parks. Higasa offers management of purchased properties, releasing the investor from this obligation.

Benefits of investing

We can do more together – also in the case of commercial real estate.

  • combined forces of investors
  • trusted partners
  • passive profit
  • no worries on the part of the investor
  • guaranteed investment
  • an experienced partner and real estate operator
  • investment in ready projects
  • investment owned by investors
  • long-term lease agreements

Investment parameters

Estimated duration

Depending on the implemented project – from 6 to 14 months.

Entry amount

Determined individually depending on the size of the project, the number of partners, the permissible level of lending.

Rate of return

The total return on investment belongs to the company’s shareholders. The option of management of the facility by our team with the consent of investors.

Investments in commercial real estate in Poland

Breakdown of the real estate investment market in Poland

Value of transactions on the commercial real estate market in 2018

Size of the retail market

Average rate of return on bank deposits

GDP forecast for 2019 by the OECD

Average rate of return on apartments

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